Welcome to XCMG Europe GmbH

Investment and integration of XCMG in Europe

In order to meet changing market conditions and customer needs, XCMG continuously drives its globalization forward. The objective is to become one of the top three construction equipment manufacturers in the world. To achieve this goal, great value is placed on a globalization strategy, in which the European market plays an extremely important role. XCMG wants to establish itself permanently in Germany and Europe. In doing so, long-term sustainability and stability plays a key role.

For over twenty years, XCMG works with a large number of leading industrial and technology companies in Europe. Since 2010, XCMG is stepping up its investment in Europe. During the period 2010 - 2013, XCMG has invested more than 260 million euros in Europe. With the establishment of the companies XCMG Europe GmbH, XCMG European Research Center GmbH and XCMG Europe Purchasing Centre GmbH, the foundation for strategic investments has been laid.

XCMG Europe GmbH, as a wholly owned German subsidiary of XCMG, acts as European headquarters of the company. As the management holding company and service provider it is responsible for all strategic investments and innovations of XCMG in Europe. XCMG Europe GmbH is, on the one hand, responsible for operational and strategic tasks in the areas of finance, human resource and IT and, on the other hand, supports the subsidiaries of XCMG in Europe. XCMG Europe GmbH has already invested a total of over 36 million euros into the building complex in Krefeld.


In the future, XCMG plans to expand its existing collaborations with well-known universities in Europe by providing engineers a new professional home and working together with first-class suppliers.

The diverse and optimal resources in Europe and the powerful infrastructure will be helpful.

XCMG wants to promote and continuously expand investment, integration and innovation.

The cooperation between German and Chinese engineers should be encouraged and strengthened to ensure the integration of European technology in the global market.

We have set ourselves the goal to develop machinery for the construction industry as well as the mining and energy industry, which is particularly efficient, environmentally friendly, multi-functional and ergonomic. We develop key technologies for the global markets of tomorrow. To meet these requirements, XCMG is looking for dedicated, motivated and responsible employees who want to achieve great things with us.

Minister Garrelt Duin and the Chinese Consul General Haiyang Feng visit XCMG in Krefeld on 18 May 2016