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B.Eng. Kalyani Kadkol

Development Engineer Competence Center Electronics & Software

Since when are you at XCMG European Research Center GmbH?

My journey with the European Research Center started in July 2020, which was the time of the year when most companies were very much affected by the ongoing Corona pandemic. However, to my surprise and delight, the XCMG Group was not only present in the market, but also actively seeking new candidates for some exciting positions.

After two exciting as well as thorough interviews, I finally landed the targeted position in the Competence Center for Electronics and Software and thus started my new chapter with XCMG, at the European Research Center.

What has influenced you most during your time at XCMG?

From day one, XCMG had a lot to offer in terms of organization. Everything was optimally prepared, my computer was already fully set up and all the necessary software was installed. This enabled me to get off to a positive start right from day one.

The HR team was particularly empathetic and gave me great support. They made sure I had a place to stay right from day one, providing me with an apartment for the first few months. This was a real stress-buster for me, considering how difficult it is to find an apartment in Germany.

I found the collaboration between the different departments such as HR, management, the competence centers, etc. to be clearly structured and adhered to. This proved to be very helpful during my familiarization process.

As far as my department is concerned, I find it very important that the processes that need to be followed to accomplish project tasks are clearly defined. This is essential when working on projects in a structured way and in order to achieve high-quality results.

Everyone in my department, no matter what project he/she is working on, is empathetic and helpful, whether it’s helping me understand project concepts, installing software on my computer, or even helping me find a place to live! Everyone is extremely patient and respectful in their interactions. This is a clear commitment to a very strong intra-departmental collaboration. For me personally, this has redefined the term “teamwork” because good teamwork is essential to establishing yourself and being successful in the long run.

My supervisors were very supportive during my induction into both the department and the team. They provided me with sufficient time and the right resources to allow me to fully learn the ropes. Their demonstration of the “unbiased approach” was a strong encouragement for me to speak up and discuss projects and tasks openly and freely without having to think twice.

All these tiny but crucial elements have contributed in many ways to pave my professional path at the European Research Center, making me an important member of the team.

Were there any special challenges for you in the subject of electronics & software?

My professional experience to date has been primarily in startups and small to medium sized companies, with a focus on research and development in prosthetics and aerospace engineering.

However, my role at the European Research Center is dedicated to the development of safety for mobile construction equipment. Familiarizing myself as an outsider with the field of safety for industrial automation and control systems, familiarizing myself with the relevant standards and guidelines, and successfully completing the tasks assigned to me was a great but also exciting challenge, especially in the first few months.

However, this was made very easy for me and I was provided with the right training and resources at the right time, which of course helped a lot.

What is your current position in the company?

I currently work as a development engineer in the Electronics and Software Competence Center (EASCC). In addition, I also act as a team coordinator.

Where do you see XCMG European Research Center GmbH in the future?

Judging by the existing competencies and sophisticated development activities, as well as the overall contribution to the XCMG Group’s development activities and next-generation trend-setting technologies, there is no doubt in my mind that the European Research Center will be one of the most important research and development players in the XCMG Group, significantly preparing and helping to shape the path to the international market for XCMG and thus further establishing itself as a renowned research and development center in Europe.

Do you have dreams that you would like to realize during your time at the Research Center?

One of the many dreams I have with XCMG is, of course, to be able to visit the headquarters in Xuzhou, China. From what my managers and other colleagues have described about the headquarters, but especially the production centers, the Chinese Research Institute, and of course the work culture there, I am totally excited and looking forward tremendously to experiencing it all in person. It will be a great opportunity for me to further develop my engineering approaches and support my career advancement.

I also dream of being able to operate and drive a crane and an excavator. These machines contain the best of countless years of development and it certainly fills every engineer with enthusiasm to be able to drive such a machine. For me, at least, that’s true!