XCMG Europe GmbH

is a German subsidiary of XCMG and acts as European headquarter of the company. As management holding company and service provider it is responsible for all strategic investments and innovations of XCMG in Europe. The XCMG Europe GmbH is, on the one hand, responsible for operational and strategic tasks in the areas of finance, human resources as well as IT and, on the other hand, supports the subsidiaries of XCMG in Europe. XCMG Europe GmbH has already invested a total of over 36 million euros into the complex in Krefeld.

XCMG European
Research Center GmbH

In our ultra-modern research and development center, the first Research & Development Center outside of China, the focus rests on the optimization and new development of technologies in the field of hydraulic and transmission systems of construction machinery.


XCMG Europe
Purchasing Centre GmbH

is the purchasing company of the Group in Europe. The aim is to strengthen the cooperation with our European partners and to improve the supply chain management processes.