M.Eng. Caglar Denizli

Development Engineer Competence Center Electronics & Software

How long have you been with XCMG European Research Center GmbH?

My journey together with the European Research Center started in February 2020. It was the time of the year when most companies were very badly affected by the ongoing corona pandemic. To my surprise and delight, the XCMG Group was not only present on the market, but continued to actively search for new candidates.

After a three-hour interview, I finally got the position as a development engineer in the Competence Center for Electronics and Software and that started my new chapter at XCMG European Research Center.

What has particularly impressed you during your time at XCMG?
From day one, XCMG had a lot to offer in terms of organization. Everything was optimally prepared, my computer was already fully set up and all the necessary software was installed. The team in my department supported me from day one and provided me with sufficient time and the right resources to familiarize myself fully. This gave me a positive start at XCMG. Above all, I was pleasantly surprised at how detailed and precise the individual processes in our department were clearly defined. This contributes a great deal to the high-quality results in our department.

Were there any specific challenges for you in the fields of electronics and software?
My work at XCMG European Research Center is varied in the field of development for mobile construction machinery. It includes the creation of applications, the development of software modules in the embedded area, through to the validation of the products. In addition, at the beginning of my time at XCMG, I was given the opportunity to build up knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. Working as an outsider in the field of cyber security for industrial automation and control systems, familiarizing myself with the relevant standards and guidelines and successfully completing the tasks assigned to me was a major but also exciting challenge, especially in the first few months. XCMG provides excellent support for this in the form of training courses conducted by external partners who are familiar with the subject.

Where do you see the European Research Center in the future?

Measured by the existing successfully completed projects and the resulting competencies, there is no doubt in my mind that the European Research Center will be one of the most important research and development players in the XCMG Group and thus significantly prepare the way for XCMG into the international market and co-designed.

The location of the European Research Center is driving strongly the development in the XCMG Group in the field of electronic control and drive technologies.

Customize the hardware

Hardware verification

Do you have dreams that you would like to realize during your time at the Research Center?
Of course, one of the many dreams I have with XCMG is to be able to visit the headquarters in China – Xuzhou. From what my managers and other colleagues have described about the production centers, I’m super excited and really looking forward to seeing it all in person.

I also dream of being able to operate and drive a crane and an excavator. These machines contain the best of countless years of development and it certainly fills every engineer with enthusiasm to be able to drive such a machine.

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