Welcome to XCMG Europe!

For more than 30 years, XCMG stands for particularly efficient, environmentally friendly, multifunctional and ergonomic construction machinery on the world market, especially on the Asian market.

This includes mobile cranes, excavators, wheel loaders, machines for road construction and various other construction machines. As a competent partner of the construction industry, mining and energy industries, we have a clear objective in mind: To make XCMG one of the best and largest construction equipment manufacturers in the world! We have already laid the foundation for this with the establishment of the wholly owned German subsidiary XCMG Europe GmbH. We will establish our brand in Germany and Europe on a long-term and sustainable basis: through steady investment, sustainable integration and customer-oriented innovations.

XCMG Europe GmbH, based in Krefeld, Germany, serves as XCMG’s European headquarters and international investment platform in our mission. Our tasks are both operational and strategic. We manage collaboration with our European partners through green field investments and acquisitions. We support the XCMG European Research Center as well as the XCMG Europe Purchasing Centre, XCMG European Sales & Services and all other XCMG subsidiaries located in Europe, through services such as finance and controlling, human resources, IT and equipment leasing.

Professional knowledge and practical experience

We implement our globalization strategy vigorously and continuously. Our first-class international teams have many years of professional experience and outstanding intercultural management skills. With this strong combination of professional knowledge and practical experience in an intercultural context, we create real added value for our internal and external clients. We live collaboration, we seek cooperation, we think in an integrative way and we create synergy.

At our state-of-the-art research and development center in Krefeld, Germany, we work on advanced, efficient, clean and innovative solutions for our European customers. We are also working on new developments for the Chinese market. Our highly qualified experts develop and optimize technologies in the fields of hydraulics, transmissions, drive systems, electronics and software as well as control engineering. In the software area – especially in functional safety software – the European Research Center is the reference center within the XCMG Group. This is where the future is made.

The XCMG Group’s European Purchasing Centre is responsible for the entire purchasing process for European components for the Chinese market and is therefore the central point of contact for national and international suppliers. We search for and initiate new cooperations, set the framework for supply chains and take over the coordination of logistics. This not only ensures that research and development projects run smoothly and are successfully completed, but also that XCMG’s business units in China are optimally supplied.

With the newly founded XCMG European Sales & Services GmbH, XCMG not only opens the way to the European market in a trend-setting way, but also establishes a strategically important trading and service center outside China at the Krefeld site. This is where sales expertise and market know-how are bundled and made available to the entire XCMG Group. At the Krefeld site, we sell innovative product solutions tailored precisely to local customer needs and provide aftermarket customers with solutions and services.

To become a leading world-class enterprise creating real value

Our goal is to create continuous improvement and growth. The path to this is flanked by our principles:

  • We drive investment and innovation.
  • We cooperate with well-known universities and first-class suppliers.
  • We promote the international cooperation of engineers, the free exchange of know-how and the integration of Chinese colleagues in an international environment.
  • We provide key technologies for the global markets of tomorrow.

In order to achieve our goal, we are looking for committed, motivated and self-reliant employees who will join us on our journey!