Dipl.-Ing. Christa Düsing

Development Engineer Competence Center Advanced Machines & Applications / FMEA-Coordinator

How long have you been an employee at XCMG European Research Center GmbH?

Already since the foundation of the European Research Center in Krefeld, in August 2013. Since July 2012 I already was part of the development team of Fluitronics GmbH, which then formed the core team of the research center.

Why did you choose XCMG as your employer?

I am very interested in the products, the development of the components and the variety of systems of the XCMG Group. As an engineer, I enjoy working on such complex and impressive projects and growing from the challenges! A special attraction was to be involved in the development and design of the research center from the start and to realize ideas.

What is special about working at XCMG?

First and foremost, there are the fascinating projects for XCMG’s versatile products – it always inspires me to see what technical possibilities can be implemented and how creative the work in development can be.

What I like most about my work itself is the versatility of the tasks, such as:

  • Actual recording on existing machines or systems.
  • The development of hydraulic systems, as a task in the very different projects
  • The development and construction of components
  • The construction and the execution of tests on the test benches and the machines
  • The elaboration of measurement programs and the evaluation of the measurements with the appropriate software
  • The development and implementation of the use of analysis tools for risk reduction and troubleshooting (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis FMEA)
  • The application of international norms and standards, as well as CE conformity
  • The cultural exchange with Chinese colleagues

At XCMG, employees are strongly involved. For example, there is an Information Friday at regular intervals, where every employee can present his or her current project. And outside of working hours, events such as health days, spine training, yoga classes, and participation in the Metro Marathon in Düsseldorf are offered in cooperation with the employees.

I also find the promotion of the employees and the offer of further training remarkable – it is emphasized that the employees expand their competences, e.g. professional, methodical and social competences and the needs of the employees are taken into account.

What advice do you have for experienced applicants?

That you can identify with the tasks and show your experience, skills and knowledge. For me, the motivation to find ideas, the patience, the perseverance and the determination were always important, especially in the development tasks.

What stages did you go through on the way to your current position?

Through continuous further training, I have progressed from a technical draftsman to a state-certified mechanical engineering technician and, in the course of my professional career, to a graduate engineer. Today, I hold a responsible position as a development engineer and FMEA coordinator.

You completed a part-time degree program. In the meantime, you have also started a doctoral program, an external doctorate. What are your experiences?

I completed my part-time studies at the Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln (RFH), in mechanical engineering course, in 2012.

I started an external doctorate at the TU Dresden last year and can combine and benefit from the topic of my dissertation with the projects at XCMG, this is very much supported by the employer.

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