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XCMG European Research Center

At our state-of-the-art research and development center, the Group’s largest research and development center outside China, highly qualified experts optimize and develop technologies in the fields of hydraulics, transmissions, drive systems, electronics and software, and control technology.

The Krefeld site is XCMG’s international innovation platform and thus an important part of our global R&D strategy. Here we work on advanced, efficient, clean and innovative solutions for our European customers. Here the future is being developed.

From idea to test

The test facilities at our development center are optimally equipped and offer ambitious engineers ideal working conditions. We love short paths and fast implementations. Digital workstations and test facilities are located in close proximity to each other and ensure the direct exchange of results and know-how. In-house production facilities allow us to produce, test and optimize prototypes in the shortest possible time. It often takes only a few days from a concrete idea to the production of prototypes and the necessary hardware to testing.

Thus, innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technologies are created at the Krefeld European Research Center on the basis of advanced and sophisticated design methods and laboratory tests – from concept, design and prototype construction to machine verification, CE conformity and homologation. Our goal is continuous improvement. Our machines shall become more efficient, more powerful, more user-friendly, more sustainable and more ecological.

The best of both worlds

Highly qualified and motivated engineers from more than ten countries work in our development center. With their many years of experience and vast know-how, they form an enormously large pool of expertise from which all departments of our company benefit. In doing so, we bring together knowledge from China, Europe and around the world to generate benefits for our customers. Worldwide!

We are in constant contact with our customers and thus know their needs and requirements for new machine technology very well. Through this open culture of exchange, we jointly develop and optimize innovative solutions for both the European and global markets. This creates added value and ultimately business success for our customers. And their successes are our successes.

Managing together

The management of XCMG in Krefeld is as international as our team of employees. Since July 2019, Harald Riedinger and Chengyu Zhang have been responsible for the development of the European Research Center as managing directors. Their goals: to develop the key technologies for tomorrow’s global markets at the Krefeld site, to grow continuously and to continue to drive first-class developments for the construction machinery industry.


XCMG European Research Center

Harald Riedinger

Managing Director

Harald Riedinger is very familiar with the construction machinery industry. For many years, he played a key role in developing the world’s largest and most powerful mobile cranes at Mannesmann DEMAG Baumaschinen. He later held various management positions at Terex Cranes in Germany and abroad and, most recently, was responsible for Terex’s entire crane division worldwide as Director Technology & Innovation. With more than 20 years of professional experience in the industry, the managing director has a great deal of technical expertise and experience in leading multinational and functional teams.

“We will continuously drive new and further development of trend-setting technologies to further develop XCMG in the global market. Innovators of today will be the champions of tomorrow!”


Chengyu Zhang

Managing Director

Chengyu Zhang has been working at XCMG since 2004 with a focus on technology management. He is a mechanical engineer and holds an EMBA degree from the University of Mannheim. Right from the strategic planning stage, he was responsible for the establishment and development of the XCMG European Research Center and has played a key role in shaping it over the past ten years. From 2013 to 2016, he shared the responsibility with the then Managing Director.

“We are committed to building up a world-class innovation center in Europe and creating the best solutions for the European and global customers.”