XCMG Europe Purchasing Centre

XCMG Europe Purchasing Centre is the European purchasing center of the XCMG Group. Our goal is the continuous improvement and optimization of Supply Chain Management processes.

To this end, we work intensively with our European partners and are the central point of contact for national and international suppliers. The Purchasing Centre is thus responsible for the whole purchasing process. We search for and initiate new cooperations, set the framework for supply chains and take over the coordination of logistics.

Local and international

With our headquarters in Krefeld, we have sought local proximity to our partners. This guarantees short distances and intensive communication. This enables us to react at short notice, make quick decisions and work with our partners as effectively as efficiently.


Responsible for all these processes is an intercultural team that combines its know-how about the European market with the existing demand structures and networks within the XCMG Group in China. Our experts keep an eye on the demand of the entire Group and can thus ensure the framework conditions for modern global sourcing of the Group. This makes them an important driving force in the development and introduction of a contemporary purchasing concept for the entire XCMG Group.

The XCMG Europe Purchasing Centre GmbH combines the volumes of the entire XCMG divisions and thus has a continuous, real-time view of the group-wide demand structure. This enables us to create optimal and efficient strategies and supply concepts that are the basis for economic and sustainable entrepreneurship.

Authorized interface

In order to successfully complete our tasks and push forward our continuous improvement process, the negotiating authority for European requirements of the XCMG Group lies exclusively with XCMG Europe Purchasing Centre GmbH. At the same time, we are the only authorized interface for coordination and handling of series equipment from Europe to China.