ERC Engineering

We shape the future

Our engineering achievements and accomplishments are instrumental in creating the future, and we do so on an ongoing basis.

We learn every day, so that the next day we are a little bit better: more innovative, more focused, even more precisely aligned to the needs of our customers. What we develop at the European Research Center is always aimed at bringing new technologies and impressing the market with more powerful, innovative products or features.

That’s why engineering is at the center of all our activities here in Krefeld – it’s our destiny, so to speak. Our competence centers always focus on the overall machine and – supporting each other – work closely together on new developments.

This optimal interaction between the core disciplines of engineering gives rise to new, innovative technologies, resulting in ever more advanced and powerful machines and functions. It fills us all with pride that many of these new developments have now also been successfully registered as patents.

And because we consistently look ahead and the best is just good enough for us, there are more and more of them all the time.

With our understanding of the European markets, we track down international technological trends for use in construction machinery and evaluate them in terms of their quality, design, the processes that take place and are needed, as well as their efficiency. We plan advance development, prepare feasibility studies, simulations and find problem solutions at machine level.

The Competence Center Transmission & Driveline provides performance and puts XCMG’s horsepower on the road, on the construction site and wherever it is needed. We always keep an eye on the future and have the necessary know-how to plan, research and implement new, sustainable drive concepts for construction and agricultural machinery on an electric and hybrid basis.

At the Competence Center Hydraulics & Systems, everything revolves around the topic of hydraulic power transmission. The components we develop bring the required performance exactly where it is needed in a controlled and reliable manner. Innovative and sustainable developments are thus key to ensuring that XCMG will continue to play a leading role in the global market in the future.

The Competence Center Electronics & Software ensures digital security – both at machine and software level. Our Krefeld team develops security concepts and solutions in the areas of embedded and application, takes care of cybersecurity and makes its know-how available to the entire XCMG Group.