Hydraulics & Systems

The Competence Center Hydraulics & Systems is literally the top performer within the XCMG Group, because everything here revolves around the topic of hydraulic power transmission. The components we develop bring the required power exactly where it is needed in a controlled and reliable manner.

Hydraulics is still the most important power transmitter of construction machinery. Innovative and sustainable developments in this area are thus key to ensuring that XCMG will continue to play a leading role in the global market in the future.

The team at the Competence Center Hydraulics & Systems combines expertise and methods from very different fields, enabling us to conceive and design almost any component of a hydraulic system, inspect and test it in prototype status, and finally bring it to market ready for production.

As all-rounders, we develop common hydraulic components for use in machines of all performance classes; as specialists, we have exceptional expertise in the areas of valve, control and regulation technology. Here, algorithms are used in addition to our know-how.