Our employees

We are convinced that we can only achieve the best results together.

Our everyday business is characterized by open, honest and respectful interaction with each other. We meet at eye level. Characterized by internationality, colorful influences, solidarity, politeness, diversity, but also individuality, willingness to perform and the common will to create great things have also found their way into Krefeld. Others only talk about multiculturalism – we fill this term with life every day.

On our mission, we maintain an intensive professional exchange. The basis of our work is the team concept. At XCMG, everyone can rely on each other. Because together we potentiate our strengths. This creates unbridled synergies, enthusiasm and passion. These are the basic prerequisites for turning visions into the technology of the future.

Our company is a melting pot in which experts from different nations, with different characters and very individual skills and perspectives come together. This generates a lot of energy. Dynamics emerge, courage is released. Together with our team spirit and sense of community, this develops into a power that is able to seek, find and ultimately follow completely new paths in technological development.

The belief in technological progress welds us all together and forms the XCMG family from many different minds. A reliable family, a sustainable family, a family you can rely on.

Hydraulics Engineer Competence Center Advanced Machines & Applications

“As a hydraulic engineer, I am interested in learning more about these excellent products and advanced technologies at XCMG, and to be able to promote the application of more – better technologies, to new products.”

Working Student Competence Center Transmission and Driveline

“The most fun, of course, was the first practical exercises on the company’s own test site with a 21-ton bucket excavator. “

Development Engineer Competence Center Advanced Machines & Applications / FMEA-Coordinator

“It always inspires me to see what technical possibilities can be implemented and how creative the work in development can be.”

Development Engineer Competence Center Transmission and Driveline / Safety Assistant

“We have a very good mix between well experienced experts together with young engineers, which are willing to transfer their fresh knowledge from university directly into technical solutions.”