Jasmin Samadi

Working Student Competence Center Transmission and Driveline

Since when are you at XCMG European Research Center GmbH?

I came to XCMG as an intern to complete my 20-week internship for my studies. I liked it so much that I did everything I could to get the opportunity to start as a working student in the same team after my internship – and luckily that worked out right away. So I’ve been part of the XCMG family since October 2021 and a working student since March 1, 2022.

That sounds interesting, tell us more about the mini-excavator project?

There is a lot to report on the mini-excavator project. From the first driving lessons and examinations to my business trip together with my team.

But let’s start at the beginning. First of all, I needed the company’s internal driver’s license for earth-moving machines so that I could also operate the mini-excavator myself. In the process, we received several days of training as a team, during which we learned theoretical and practical knowledge about excavators and how to operate them safely.

The most fun, of course, was the first practical exercises on the company’s own test site with a 21-ton bucket excavator. The sensitive joysticks move the large masses with ease. We were given smaller practice-like exercises to become more familiar with the joystick operation.

With the driver’s license, our team, together with several other experts from the fields of hydraulics, electronics and software, went to a rented test site. There, the measurements and examinations took place on several different machines. One of my main tasks was to record the measurements and then evaluate them.

The practical activities on the machines and in the test area on the mini-excavators under real conditions were an exciting and challenging task for me and were a super addition to the daily office routine, as it is more common in my team.

What is special about being a working student at XCMG?

Students are given the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. Whether it is assembly on test benches, prototypes, in production or measurements, market analysis and documentation for various development projects. There should be something for everyone here. The most exciting thing for me personally is to see the parallelism between university knowledge and practical application.

Where do you see XCMG European Research Center GmbH in the future?

XCMG ERC is a growing company with a good mix of experienced experts and young engineers and high quality in research and development.

With the existing potential of knowledge, competence and motivation, there is no doubt that XCMG will be one of the most important research and development players in the XCMG Group.

What are your activities as a working student at XCMG?

As a working student, I am part of the “Transmission and Driveline” team and play a supporting role in many projects. In addition to working in the office and evaluating measurements and benchmark studies, I also help out with manual tasks on the prototype machines and test benches. My tasks are very varied and I learn something new every day. My personal highlight so far has been the mini-excavator project with examinations and tests on various mini-excavators and my first business trip connected with it.