Dipl.-Ing. Chao Wang

Hydraulics Engineer Competence Center Advanced Machines & Applications

How long have you been an employee at XCMG European Research Center?
After my diploma studies at the Technical University of Dresden, I received an invitation for an interview as a hydraulics engineer at XCMG European Research Center in Krefeld. I then had my first day at work on 01 October 2020.

Why did you choose XCMG as your employer?
XCMG as one of the most famous construction machinery manufacturers in Asia, I have known for a long time. In the past two decades, XCMG has brought many high quality construction machinery to Asian and African market. With the globalization of XCMG and entering the high-end market, more and more high-tech is used in construction machinery. As a hydraulic engineer, I am interested in learning more about these excellent products and advanced technologies at XCMG, and to be able to promote the application of more – better technologies, to new products.

What is special about working at XCMG / What has particularly shaped you during your time at XCMG?

As a member of the European excavator product team, I deal with the product-related tasks of XCMG’s European excavators. These tasks include, for example, market research, product configuration analysis, performance testing, collecting product feedback, solving technical problems, researching technical standards and regulations, and also planning the development of new products.

As a hydraulic engineer, I have already had the opportunity to become familiar with excavator hydraulic systems and components and gain a deeper understanding of the hydraulic technology used in excavators.

During my time at XCMG Excavator Company in China, I had the opportunity to spend two weeks learning on the production line, allowing me to observe the process of manufacturing components and assembling components of an excavator on site. In addition, both XCMG in China and in Europe provide theoretical and practical training in excavator operation – which allowed me to deepen my understanding of the complete excavator product line.

In addition, we have a good mix of experienced experts as well as young engineers whose know-how forms a dynamic and energetic team. The managers are also very open and helpful. They have an open ear for their employees.

Are there any particular challenges for you in the excavator product team topic?
There are many opportunities in the product team. For example, you can communicate directly with European distributors and customers about their needs, but also with suppliers. This requires not only an understanding of the technology of all products, but also the ability to communicate fluently and effectively with people. My two supervisors have helped me a lot in this regard, and I myself have worked hard to improve my German and English skills.

Do you have dreams that you would like to realize during your time at the Research Center?

If possible, I would like to do an external PhD at XCMG ERC. The topic of the dissertation can be hydraulic technologies or dredging products. I am very much looking forward to such an opportunity!

Where do you see the European Research Center in the future?

There is no doubt that ERC’s current test facilities are first class. And our team is highly motivated to continue investing in research and testing equipment. At the same time, we continue to recruit experienced experts and motivated young engineers to strengthen the team.

“I believe that as XCMG Group deepens its globalization strategy, ERC will play an increasingly important role in technology research and development and European product customization.”

Performance tests at the customer’s site

What is your current position in the company?

I currently serve as the Hydraulics Engineer for the European Excavator Product Team. I work with product managers, service technicians and hydraulic engineers. We face and solve hydraulic engineering challenges.

The team’s testing equipment also falls under my responsibility. Colleagues and I collect and process important product feedback and suggestions from distributors and customers and evaluate them. We also handle communications for research and development (R&D) projects and act as an interface with external companies. This is not only in the role of contacting engineers of the R&D projects and the responsible persons, but also in transmitting the important technical documents.

Preparation of the measuring equipment

Signal measurement of the flow rate