“The key place is on the field.”

This famous saying also applies to the development of hydraulic components and systems. Ultimately, it depends on the functionality of the entire machine. Still a “training ground” is helpful. In four sound and vibration insulated test units, experimental setups are installed for testing of hydraulic components and systems at the XCMG European Research Center . To carry out the tests an advanced hydraulic pressure supply has recently been put into operation.

Its main part is an centralized hydraulic power unit which at a maximum pressure of 450 kW of hydraulic power at pressures up to 420 bar and is capable of directing the power independently towards individual test benches. This is achieved by means of a state-of-the-art control system which determines the required power demand, starts up the required pump units and connects them to the consumers via a valve matrix. Additionally, the system is capable of recovering energy in to enable an economic operation. The system is based on a concept created by XCMG ERC which was further developed and built in co-operation with Hydrodynamics B.V. and Ingenieurgemeinschaft IgH.