Inspiring health seminar with Jiangsu medical delegation at XCMG Europe

On 13th June 2024, XCMG Europe was honoured to host a distinguished medical delegation from Jiangsu. The visit began with a warm welcome and tour of XCMG Europe’s offices, followed by an interactive session between the Jiangsu delegation and the XCMG Europe management team.

The highlight of the visit was the afternoon health seminar, which was enthusiastically attended by colleagues from XCMG Europe, XCMG Europe Purchasing Center, XCMG European Research Center and XCMG European Sales & Services.

The seminar featured four insightful presentations by prominent medical practitioners: Dr Chengzong Li from Xuzhou Medical University Affiliated Hospital on atrial fibrillation and stroke prevention, Dr Ming Huang from Jiangnan University Affiliated Hospital on first aid for burns, heat stroke and electric shock, Dr Miao Chu from Yixing People’s Hospital on understanding osteoarthritis and Dr Jinyou Li from Jiangnan University Affiliated Hospital on lung nodules.

Following the presentations, a question and answer session gave participants the opportunity to discuss directly with the doctors for personalised health advice. The seminar ended after two hours, leaving participants with valuable knowledge and practical tips.

We would like to thank the Jiangsu delegation and all participants for their contribution to the success of this event. The seminar highlighted the importance of health awareness and education within our community.