A symposium on Sino-German cultural exchanges and cooperation was held at XCMG Europe in Krefeld, Germany on 20.10.2023.

During the symposium, Phoenix Publishing & Media Inc. and XCMG Europe GmbH signed a memorandum of cooperation for the “Phoenix Book Shelf” project, in which Phoenix Publishing & Media Inc. donated books to the German-Chinese Friendship Association of Krefeld-Niederrhein, and Mingde Chinese School.
XCMG Europe has been actively involved in cultural and educational activities and has carried out exchange activities with various organizations including “RWTH Aachen University”, “Educational Bridges MINT Scholarships” and “Mingde Chinese School” respectively.

The “Phoenix Bookshelf” project aims to provide reading convenience for overseas readers, promote international reading interest of Chinese cultural resources, create a reading space for Chinese literature and serve as a showcase of Chinese literatures.

Mr. Zhang Yi, the General Manager from XCMG Europe, expressed their commitment to contributing to cultural exchange and thanked Phoenix Publishing for their donations. The Mingde Chinese School also expressed gratitude for the donations and planned to use the books for teaching and setting up libraries.

Phoenix Media Group donated around 600 books covering various topics including Chinese history and culture, science and technology innovation, contemporary China, etc., to enrich the library and promote Chinese language learning and Chinese cultural understanding. The number of donated books will be increased by 10% every year. In the future, XCMG Europe will take the role to regularly organize and maintain the bookshelves, to plan and organize reading promotion activities to serve local readers nearby.