XCMG Europe Health Day and Preparation for Krefeld Run & Fun

On 3rd July, XCMG held a “Health Day” in Krefeld to promote healthy living and team spirit among employees, and to prepare for the Krefeld Run & Fun.

Co-organised by XCMG Krefeld, Fluitronics, and Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), the Health Day offered a variety of activities to encourage our employees to be physically active. Highlights of the event included a running seminar to share running tips and preparation, special athletic training sessions, and cardio endurance tests conducted throughout the day. Our employees actively signed up for the various activities and fully engaged in the running training sessions with the coach.

Starting on 11th July, TK will launch a seven-week training program to improve running skills and prepare our staff for the Krefeld Run & Fun. The participants are getting ready for the event and are looking forward to another experience of friendly cooperation and teamwork.