XCMG Europe’s Health Day 2024: Promoting employee wellness through exciting activities

On 25th April, XCMG Europe employees came together for Health Day, a joint effort between XCMG and Techniker Krankenkasse (TK). Designed exclusively for XCMG employees, the event served as a platform to prioritise health and well-being.

The day kicked off with the invigorating Smoothiebike, which gave employees the opportunity to create their own nutritious smoothies while engaging in pedal-powered exercise. This was followed by the insightful Brainfood session, which explored the link between diet and cognitive function. The event concluded with the WorkLifePortal online meeting, of which our employees were introduced to the WLP health portal, fostering a culture of wellness within our XCMG community.

The enthusiastic participation of our employees in Health Day 2024 demonstrates the importance of this event for education, inspiration and team cohesion. This event underscores XCMG’s commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles among its employees and empowering everyone to take proactive steps to improve their overall well-being.

A big thank you to Techniker Krankenkasse for their invaluable support in making our event a success!


While the Brainfood seminar discussed nutrition and cognition, the WLP Health website was officially launched in parallel to promote well-being at XCMG.