XCMG in Times of Covid-19

For quite some time now, the Covid-19 pandemic has been keeping the world on alert.
We at XCMG would like to make our contribution to further contain this disease and thus help to break the chains of infection. The health of our employees and our business partners, as well as their families, is of utmost importance to us and we have set ourselves high standards to do our best to minimize or even eliminate all risks.

Particularly at this time, it is important not to let the normal things of everyday life become routine, but to consciously address the situation-related specifics in our daily interactions with each other and to actively face the situation. So far, we have succeeded very well in doing this in our businesses in Krefeld.

The basis of our actions is compliance with and implementation of the Corona regulations issued, in particular SARS-CoV-2 of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, but we have enhanced these with additional measures.

We attach particular importance to the following and have therefore explicitly regulated it in our internal standards:
  • Mutual attentiveness
  • Wearing face masks on sidewalks and in meeting rooms or where the minimum distance cannot be maintained
  • The necessary safety distances between people
  • Instructions for effective hand hygiene
  • Specially designed hygiene plans in various areas
  • Disinfectant use and decentralized supply of disinfectants
  • Free supply of medical masks and FFP2 masks
  • Good ventilation / regular airing
  • Limiting the number of participants in meeting rooms
  • Switching to larger rooms whenever possible
  • Increased use of video conferencing
  • Observance of and compliance with cough and sneeze etiquette
  • Avoidance of greeting etiquette / handshakes
  • Effective reduction of direct contacts
  • Reduction of visitors
  • Self-disclosure with visitors
  • Reduce business travel to a minimum
  • Air travel only in absolute exceptions and in consultation with management
  • At least two Covid-19 rapid tests for all employees under certified supervision
  • Increased home office offerings
  • Provision of separate office space for special situations
  • Regular information sessions and education
  • … and more