Program for the investment conference of the Xuzhou region (China) in Krefeld (Germany)

“2023 Xuzhou, China Symposium on Economic and Trade Cooperation in North Rhine-Westphalia” was held on May 11, 2023.

The aim of the economic symposium was to present the bilateral investment opportunities between NRW and Xuzhou.

The symposium took place at the location of the XCMG Group in Europark Fichtenhain. Xuzhou and Krefeld were presented as investment locations.

More than 150 guests from different companies and cooperation partners were welcomed on site. Representatives from business and politics – such as Party Secretary of the city of Xuzhou Mr. Song Lewei, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Düsseldorf, Mr. Du Chungou and the Head of the Economic Department of the city of Krefeld Mr. Eckhart Preen participated in the symposium and shared their insights into the Chinese perspective with the audience.

Among others, the topic of what opportunities foreign economic development brings was presented by Mr. Frank Weidtmann and Ms. Ricarda Stamms. A speech was also held by Mr. Dongsheng Yang – Chairman of XCMG Group. His speech included the achievements and investments of XCMG as well as the successes that we as XCMG Group have achieved in recent years.

After the speeches of the 9 speakers from politics and business, 13 cooperation and purchase agreements as well as trade agreements were signed.

Among them, Dr. Boris Burandt signed a declaration of intent to cooperate in the context of cultural exchange between the Museum Burg Linn and the Museum Xuzhou.

The symposium was concluded with a flying buffet and a get-together round – where guests could retire to one of the numerous meeting rooms for personal exchange.

The essence of it, it was a great event with many contributions from all present. We, the XCMG Group, would like to express our special thanks to the speakers, guests and all contributors.